Fred Winston

Elre Ciudad or “Fred Winston” has over 30 years experience in the broadcast industry. He began his career as a DJ and newscaster for DYEZ in Bacolod in the late 70’s. He was also the station manager for key areas in Vis-Min for the Manila Broadcast Company (MBC) in the late 90s.


In 2011, Fred Winston joined DWWW to handle the weekend music programs “Saturday & Sunday Memories Specials” while working in Telus, a call center, on weekdays. In 2012, he joined the station full time and does voicing for commercials and station produced plugs.


Fred now handles the daily news program, “774 News Ngayon” alongside Rose Sanchez at 530am.


On AM radio primetime, Fred Winston joins Fred Davis on “Opinyon Mo, Opinyon Ko” as the dynamic duo discusses the nation’s hottest issues with special guest, Master Lee. The program also features live interviews from relevant newsmakers, engaging and interactive discussions with listeners through live calls and sms, and a unique brand of humor from AM radio’s newest and hottest tandem.